22 August 2018

Printed Mugs – The Best Way to Promote Your Brand

by Dave

We’re a nation of coffee lovers – there’s no denying it. Whether we’re having a cup as soon as we wake up in the morning, or we’re having one to keep us going at work, we love a good cup of Joe. That’s what makes printed mugs the ideal way to promote your brand! It’s sure to be used and reused by everyone who receives one, giving your business maximum exposure. Even those who don’t love coffee may use it for tea or hot chocolates, if they’re in need of a pick-me-up before their lunch break!

So many options available
You don’t want your advertising material to look just like everyone else’s – how will your clients be able to tell if it’s your mug, without getting out their magnifying glass? At Novel Tees, you’ll be able to choose a style that best reflects your brand and image. Bone China is great for a traditional look, while ceramic and metal can be ideal for a contemporary business. We also have travel mugs and keep cups for those who want to do their bit for the environment. Then, simply choose a colour scheme and add your logo and business name, and your clients will recognise you every time they take a sip from their printed mugs.

Your clients will love them
Almost everyone loves a hot drink, which is why these make a great gift for your clients. Even those who don’t drink coffee will see your brand name sitting on a shelf at their work, and think of your company first when they’re in need of your services. Hand them out at tradeshows, include them in a welcome hamper, or make a gift out of them with organic roasted coffee and biscuits over Christmas. As far as giving out printed mugs is concerned, you’re only limited by your imagination!

Give them to employees
It isn’t only your customers who enjoy a cup of coffee every now and again. Hand them out to your employees at work, and see the moral boost whenever they are in use. It creates a real look of cohesion across your office, when everyone is drinking out of matching coffee cups. You can have them stored in your staff kitchen as well, and when clients come in for meetings you can offer them a hot drink in your very own printed mugs– they will notice and appreciate the touch.

Not just for coffee
Worried that you’ll be handing them out to those rare people who don’t like hot drinks? The great thing about printed mugs is that they aren’t just for coffee. Mugs like these can be used for microwaving soup, and even making mug cakes! On top of that, they make a great stationary holder, so either way, you’re sure to see them on desks across the country.

If you’re trying to promote your brand, then we strongly recommend investing in printed coffee cups. Customers love them, employees love them, and they’re sure to get heaps of use. Even if they aren’t filled with coffee, they are a very versatile vestal, so your branded mugs will give your business plenty of exposure.