03 April 2018

Promotional Mugs Sydney – A Valuable Tool For Brand Promotion

by Dave

The increasing costs of advertising have compelled many businesses to use various types of promotional products to promote themselves efficiently and cost effectively. Though various products can be used for this purpose, promotional mugs in Sydney are among the most popular. The reasons to choose mugs for your advertising needs have been briefly described below:

  • Inexpensive & Easy
    By having your businesses’ logo on the mugs, you will attract everyone who sees them. They will increase the curiosity of viewers, making them want to know more about the logo and the business it belongs to. Along with a quality logo image, having funny sayings printed onto the side can also help to attract viewers. All of this on top of the fact that cups are the most widely used promotional item for most people.
  • Improve Sales
    Consider that mugs will help to boost your businesses’ sales better than the other available options. They compel others to assume that the people drinking from the vessels are promoting the business as one they can trust. Businesses sometimes distribute cups free in order to attract more people towards their products and services – free gifts also encourage people to visit stores and see what’s on offer there.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
    Research has shown that customers often remain loyal to businesses that offer free gifts with every purchase, so why not offer complimentary promotional mugs in Sydney when a customer buys a certain amount of your products? Such gifts can also help to ensure the stability of the business in the market, as unstable ones cannot afford to offer free gifts like this. All of this combines to improve your businesses’ image.
  • Long-Term Impact
    Another reason to use mugs is that they have a far longer shelf life than a television advertisement (for example). TV advertising is not an inexpensive option, as you have to spend a lot of money for an ad that is only a few seconds long. Though having ads played on national channels will cover a wider area more effectively, they simply cannot provide the long-term advertising that your business requires.
  • Short-Term Impact
    These mugs can also have a short-term impact on your sales, as they help to boost your business instantly. On top of this, their reasonable prices (as compared with other promotional products) helps your business to use them consistently in promotion. When dealing with a more expensive product, you are often forced to use them sparingly or only for special events because you cannot justify the cost.

 Keep in mind that promotional mugs in Sydney can promote your business in four ways – through employees (to be used either at work or at home), as giveaways for customers (generally as gifts with purchase), B2B promotion (offered free to vendors) and promotion in community events (which can help to bring new customers in). They are a truly valuable tool.

The team at Novel Tees has a wide variety of mugs to choose from, ensuring that you’re able to choose one that best meets the needs of your business and the people you’re advertising to.