20 December 2016

Using Promotional Photo Mugs To Make Special Memories Last

by Dave

When we want to remember a special memory, we often frame a photograph from the occasion and display it in our homes or workplaces. We can only have so many photos on display, however, before our homes and workplaces become overly cluttered. An alternative way of making those special memories last is by using promotional photo mugs.

  • Suit Any Occasion
    One of the best things about mugs is that they suit any occasion, from birthdays and Christmas to Mother’s Day and weddings. You could even create one as a just because gift. Whether you use photos as a reminder of the occasion or whether you use them to commemorate the occasion as it happens is entirely up to you.
  • Single or Collage
    There is a wide range of layout options available, ensuring that you can display as many or as few photos as you like. Sometimes, a single statement image can have a powerful impact. Other times, a collage of photos from the day can really bring back the nostalgia. Play around with the layout before deciding on the final look.
  • Any Subject Matter
    The photographs that you use in your mugs don’t even have to be of people. Perhaps you have a four-legged friend that you want to keep with you always. Perhaps you’ve recently been on holidays and want to remember the amazing scenery forever. Regardless of the subject matter, you’ll be blessed with good memories whenever you have a drink.
  • Full Colour Printing
    The printing technologies in use today ensure that photographs are printed in sharp and vibrant full colour, that these colours are true to the original image and that it is clear. There is nothing more disappointing than ordering a mug only for it to arrive in washed out colours with the people in the images hardly recognisable.
  • Affordable in Bulk
    Finally, you’ll find that you save more money the more that you order. Even so, a single mug isn’t likely to be all that expensive to customise, which is great if you only need one. The other great thing about mugs is that the minimum order quantity is often quite low (sometimes even just one) to ensure that you only have as many as you need.

When it comes to making memories last, we hope that you will consider promotional photo mugs as an alternative to placing framed photographs around your home or workplace. Whether you plan to use these items as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts or even just because, we’re sure that the recipients will love them just as much as you do.